Live ZOOM Group Chats

Every week, CelebTime allows fans to get to know Home and Away actors on a personal level, via small GROUP ZOOM chats.

Fans can ask questions via a comment box and listen to actors talk openly about themselves and their work on Home and Away.  It's also the perfect time to get a shout-out from a famous actor - maybe they'll wish you a happy birthday or a congratulations! 

This is a "MUST" for any Home and Away super fan and is the perfect gift idea as well.

Prices vary from $10 upwards to be part of a Live Zoom Group Chat.  All details on when the Live chats will take place and how to participate in them will be posted on CelebTime's Facebook and Instagram page, as well as on Eventbrite and also CelebTime's Google listing.  Keep an eye out!!

If you do not wish to pay to be on the live chat, you can always watch a recording of it, which will be posted on CelebTime's YouTube channel.  Click the button below to view FREE recordings of Live Zoom Group Chats on YouTube.